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The BitMED Blockchain

The BitMED Blockchain seeks to combine the best from blockchain technology and learning from existing health IT, while addressing the limitations in resource consistency, references, conditional semantics, business rules enforcement and validation.


We use our blockchain for several objectives, including:

  1. Support our three core decentralized apps (DAPPS) care, content, and communities

  2. Meet or exceed HIPAA for protected health information

  3. Support our BXM token and digital wallets that we use to compensate members for sharing their anonymous data, content sharing, and community participation

  4. Use our smart contracts to monetize anonymized data sales, advertising, marketing, and third-party incentivization programs.


The BitMED Blockchain is based on Hyperledger and Quorum technology which addresses the challenges of a permissionless ledger while supporting both transaction-level privacy and network-wide transparency that is customizable to business requirements

  • All public and private smart contracts and overall system state derived from a single, shared, complete blockchain of transactions validated by every node in the global network.

  • Private smart contract state is known to and validated by only parties to the contract and approved third parties, like regulators.

  • Smart contracts written for an existing Ethereum implementation remain network-transparent on BXM out of the box.

  • Enhancing many existing smart contract designs to meet privacy requirements is simple and straightforward.


By having a permissioned distributed ledger of up to 200 trusted nodes, it allows us to lower the transaction cost, maintain thousands of transactions per second, comply with PII standards governing confidentiality, integrity and availability, and provide a path forward for existing health standards and protocols.


The BitMED Clinical Platform: Powered by the BXM protocol and token


How it works


BitMED Clinic for Members

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Access no-cost Telehealth care services

Members can instant message or video chat with a healthcare provider within minutes using BitMED’s platform. All of this is available at no-cost to the user. No insurance, copays, or hidden fees, ever.  Access Primary care, Women's Health, Mental Health, and second opinion services with specialist from anywhere in the world.

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Earn BXM tokens for engaging with the platform

Members can earn additional tokens by participating in peer-to-peer online communities and sharing content on the platform. BitMED encourages a holistic view of healthcare by rewarding activity.

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Receive BXM tokens for sharing anonymous data with BitMED partners

Companies monetize user data every day, and the consumer gets nothing out of the exchange. BitMED allows members to take control of their data and benefit from sharing data with BitMED’s strategic partners who will user this data for R&D, clinical trials, and more.  


BitMED Platform for Partners

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A Turnkey Healthcare Solution

BitMED is a complete solution that includes the technology to deliver remote healthcare, as well as the doctors that deliver the care. BitMED employs and pays its own doctors and provides all technology at no cost to the patient, the government, or insurance providers.

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Economic Advantage

Improve productivity and GDP while reducing healthcare costs.  BitMED’s market analytics drive local economic development by identifying areas for new investments and businesses based on needs within the existing health systems. Our ecosystem incentivizes entrepreneurship and provides opportunities for local partnerships.

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Build Future Healthcare Innovation   

Leverage the efficient and secure BXM protocol to build and contribute greater healthcare innovation.  Participate in the vast BitMED ecosystem with trusted partners and engaged community.


BitMED Data for Research

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On demand medical data

Patients receive no-cost telehealth care in exchange for participation in data-sharing activity, local forums, survey responses, clinical trials and specific partner inquiries. BitMED’s database can be filtered around specific patient parameters to analyze for market research. We can also gather new data on-demand through surveys, inquiries and direct messages to inform new products and services.

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High quality data network

The BitMED network is data-rich and provides a unique opportunity for study by academics or for R&D by private industry.

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Clinical trial matching

Find and enroll qualified patients to clinical trials.  BitMED’s services allow clinical trials to get moving quickly at a fraction of the cost, and helps prevent loss to follow up and protocol violations.


BitMED Milestones and Accomplishments


Founded 2015


Ethereum of Healthcare


200K active users in 2 weeks of beta launch


30M users pre-signed up via channel partners in contract


The largest telehealth provider in emerging markets


Generating 2.4 Petabytes of healthcare data


Active in 6 countries


$7MM Raised

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Blockchain, Secure Wallets, Internal Exchange


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BitMED Blockchain

We've developed our own Proof of Stake Blockchain to provide a secure and private transaction ledger and power the BitMED medical economy, digital wallets and internal exchange.

BitMED Wallet

BitMED members will see their BXM balance in realtime, and be able to seamlessly send and receive BXM across the BitMED platform. The BitMED Wallet is built into their dashboard interface which will run across our medical platform.

BitMED Care, Content, Communities

The 3 C's applications will allow members to get the medical treatment they need 24/7/365. A medical doctor is always available to you.

BitMED Exchange

The BitMED Exchange component will provide the ability for members to buy and sell BXM easily. This ensures users will have a seamless experience when joining the ecosystem.


BitMED Ecosystem

Within the BitMED ecosystem, medical facilitators and researchers interact directly with one another. All transactions are powered by BitMED's blockchain and therefore they are fast, secure and transparent.

There is no need for intermediaries that exist in traditional media ecosystems. BitMED retains all the value generated by the community within the ecosystem.


I see great potential for [BitMED] to not only bring direct health care to so many people but also to increasingly enable great improvements to health policy and its implementation by use of better knowledge.

With my experience in emerging countries, I see huge opportunities for the company to grow rapidly and make a great contribution.The potential in more advanced markets like the US where health care can be so expensive and for some, even unobtainable, is also enormous. This is truly a revolutionary approach.
— Michael Roux, Chairman Roux International; Formerly: Director and Chairman, KPMG Asian Markets
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Economic Model

BitMED creates a new decentralized crypto economy built around medical services, content, communities, and data.

Built-in economic mechanisms provide for efficient recognition of value contributed to the economy, and incentivizes contributors directly which supports long-term economic growth. All payments within BitMED are made in a cryptographically secure digital utility payment coin called BXM. This removes expensive middlemen and enables direct value exchange between medical faclitators such as Patient, Developers and Doctors. 

A small transaction fee is taken to run the platform, drive mass user adoption and for research and development to enhance the platform and economy. All revenue generated from transaction fees will be reinvested into the platform.


A Stable Economy

Algorithms within the BitMED Blockchain automatically regulate the supply of BXM in circulation. Monetary policy will be implemented in the Smart Contract through an algorithm to control inflationary pressure and protect the value of BXM. Stability will be achieved by providing sufficient liquidity for all community contributions as well as incentivizing long term positions in the BitMED Marketplace.

To mitigate the shock effects that appear in other blockchain economies, at the end of 2018 after ERC20 BXM tokens are replaced with BXM coins, BitMED economy will:

  1. Target the prices paid for key services (i.e. medical treatment)
  2. Incentivize holding BitMED for longer periods of time via the BitMED Marketplace (Fiscal Policy).

While BitMED has selected a 3% inflation rate target based on professional economic modelling. 

As Mongolia develops into a global hub for blockchain innovation, we see BitMED as bringing immediate benefits to Mongolian people who lack access to quality medical care.
— Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt, CEO of Ard Holdings and former Vice Minister of Finance of Mongolia

Token Allocation

Use of Proceeds

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25% - to contributors during the token sale

30% - to the BitMED Health Ecosystem via community grants, partnerships, bounties and incentives

35% -  to BitMED, to be used for future strategic plans and to develop the BitMED’s ecosystem

10% -  to the team


48% - Software Development

12% - Marketing and Business Development

10% -  BitMED Reserve

10% -  Seeding Token Changers and ETFs

10% - Operational Expenses

5% - Legal Expenses

5% - Misc and Unexpected



The BitMED Roadmap


New Practice




Video Chat








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